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There is no greater feeling a lady expects and wishes to have rather than experiencing self satisfying pleasure. The kind of pleasure only her himself knows where to touch , to what extreme to touch and to what limit to stimulate. The teen definitely needed this feeling, she had longed for this pleasure.

After a long soothing bath tab, she wore nothing but a bath robe. She went directly into her closet, picked her massaging lotion, lit her sweat scented incense, then she put on some smooth soothing music to create the mood.

Carefully lying on her bed, her face facing the ceiling, she poured some massaging gel on her boobs. Then she slowly spread it on her big juicy boobs focusing on the tip of the nipples. Then she then slide her fingers into her pussy lips, slowly pleasuring herself, pulling and caressing her hard clit, she screams with pleasure, she definitely knows none can give her the same pleasure equivalent to this moment.

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