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She is a genius in class and has always wanted to make an excellent GPA and go to Harvard. According to her parents it should be easy for an Asian to go to college. With the help of her very helpful teacher she manages to land a position in college. On her eighteenth birthday she decides to reward her hot stud of a Math’s teacher with virginity. She times it perfectly because he is all alone supervising summer school. She comes into the classroom horny and dressed in something except a skimpy short red dress.

She comes and immediately they look at each other there is no doubt that the message is sent and received. Although he is very scared the thought of fucking her virgin pussy is all the motivation that he needs to take her into the teacher’s lounge. The fact that they are risking so much to have sex is what makes this escapade even hotter. Soon they are both necked and fucking each other hard and fast until in ends in an explosive orgasm. After the first round she is tired and sore but he is willing to go again for another round of pleasure.

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